About Learn BaZi Online

About Learn BaZi Online

If you have been struggling with reading a BaZi chart, you are not alone. In our experience, even students who have been studying this subject for the past few years, they are also having a hard time trying to read the BaZi charts.

One of the problems with learning BaZi is the logistics side of it. The course fees are usually expensive, requires student to travel long distance and access to the class is limited. The registration fills up fast and if your schedule does not permit, you will have to wait for the next available class.

Due to the distance and different time-zones, access to the instructors becomes difficult and limited. When you are new and just starting out, asking questions and getting answers are so important, for it is the motivator to keep your curious mind pushing to learn new knowledge.

The other side of problem in learning BaZi is the subject itself. It is entirely a new concept altogether and it is not pure science where you can use a specific formula to get the results that you want.

It is very abstract and it requires you to think outside the box and to see things from a different perspective using similar objects that you and I are familiar with. This is where experience in life comes in. We could be looking at the same object but our perception and interpretation can be different because our life experiences are different.

This is what makes learning BaZi so interesting. A BaZi chart is just a chart with Chinese characters. If you are able to learn the concept and use it to decode the meaning behind those characters, it will become an essential tool to help you understand your life better and to improve your life and others as well.

At Learn BaZi Online, we solve the logistic problem for you. Our course fee is very much lower, you need not have to travel long distance and incur hotel expenses and you have access 24/7. You can interact with other students and ask questions anytime.

The online courses we have is designed for you at the level you are comfortable with. If you are a beginner, the course syllabus is designed for beginners where the basic fundamentals are covered to ensure you know all that is required as a beginner. The next course will be your next progressive stage until you achieve the next level of competency.

We will have discussions and case studies from time to time and this will help improve your understanding of BaZi tremendously.

Above all else, we want to help you achieve your competency in BaZi, shorten your learning curve and progress your study in BaZi. This is our goal and we want you to be part of that goal.

We wish you all the success in your learning journey.