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Strength of Day Master for Different Purpose

Technical method in bazi chart reading

Hello everybody, thank you for dropping by and thanks for clicking on this blog post. Today we’re gonna be talking about strength of day master, the kind of strength of Day Master that is used for different purpose. I know there are a lot of confusion out there in the market today and I hope […]

Technical Method in BaZi Chart Reading

Technical method in bazi chart reading

In our previous video on the various ways of reading a BaZi chart, we talked about how professionals use divination method to read a BaZi chart. We will now explore another method, the technical method, next.Using the technical method, there’s always a standard procedure the BaZi Chart reader must follow. There’re proper steps you need […]

Why Study Destiny Analysis – Ba Zi?

Why study destiny analysis or BaZi (Ba Zi)?

Have you ever been in a situation where you wondered why so many things are going against you at the same time? Or at another time, you wondered to yourself if this job is a right fit for you. Why am I not happy with what I’m doing? Why am I not getting the motivation […]

How does Destiny Analysis help you?

How destiny analysis helps you in your life

You can forget about fortune telling. Forget about getting rich quick. It’s not about praying to some Heavenly powers and asking for fortune to be given to you. You’d be surprised to find there’re still people who view this subject like some get-rich scheme. Unfortunately, it’s not any scheme and we need to get that […]

Strength of Day Master is Important. Here’s why….

Why strength of Day Master important

Sometimes you’d hear some Masters say the Strength of Day Master is not needed. You don’t need the Strength of Day Master to read a chart.Well to certain extent, yes, it’s true. But you need to understand when it’s needed and when you don’t need it. Destiny analysis using BaZi is basically a metaphysical science. Most […]

Divination Techniques in BaZi

Different ways to read a BaZi chart

There are many different ways and techniques to read a BaZi chart. From my experiences, I nail it down to two methods, that is, the divination method and technical method.In his video, I’m gonna discuss the divination method professionals used to read a BaZi chart.A divination method is where you can use any chart at […]