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The Art of Reading BaZi Charts – Is my technique better than yours?

There are many different ways to read a bazi chart. Is there one method that's more superior than another?

For most beginner classes, using the strength of Day Master as a method, is one of the easiest way for a beginner to get started. You can learn from Learn BaZi Online.

However, using strength of Day Master is not the only technique to use when reading a BaZi chart.

What is the right way to read a BaZi Chart?

There is no right way or wrong way to read a bazi chart. What you need is a consistent way.

Consistency is way more important than whose technique is more superior than the other.

Getting the results accurately, applying the same technique over and over again and delivering consistent results is what determines the right way to read a bazi chart effectively.

You must also realised there are many different techniques out there and each have their own strength and weakness.

There are even techniques for the blind to read a BaZi chart as well.

Some techniques are specific to date selection, some are good for divination and some follows a systematic way of reading a Bazi Chart and so on.

All these systems gives you the flexibility to apply whichever method that suits your needs and requirements.

And to say one method is better than the other is just not right.

It all depends on what you’re looking for.

You should be asking, "am I using the right technique to get the answers I'm looking for".

You should try to reach out and learn the various methods first before giving bad critiques of another school’s bazi reading techniques.

If you have not mastered their art, you may not know its strength completely.

What you need as a BaZi Practitioner?

As Chinese Metaphysics is an art, reading a bazi chart requires experience in various aspect of life and a good understanding of human psychology.

You need to have an expansive view of life from different people of different background.

You need to be able to see from their point of view, know what they are going through in order to be a good counsellor to your client.

These are some of the qualities you must have to be able to carry out the role of a BaZi practitioner.

It is not about my method is better than yours. It is about your client and how you can help them with their problems on-hand.

A Bazi chart is just a tool.

When reading a BaZi chart, it is about delivering consistent and accurate results on a daily basis that makes you a much sought-after BaZi practitioner.

These are just my views about the different techniques.

Some or perhaps, most of you may have learned from the many different schools. That's a good thing. You have the privilege that many do not have. Use that knowledge to determine how to apply them and know what works best for each circumstances.

We should not view one method to be more superior than another.

We should ask which method to use to deliver a better result.


What about your views?

Do you think there are methods that are more superior from another?

Let’s hear your opinions. You can leave your comments below.

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