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Technical Method in BaZi Chart Reading

In our previous video on the various ways of reading a BaZi chart, we talked about how professionals use divination method to read a BaZi chart. We will now explore another method, the technical method, next.

Using the technical method, there's always a standard procedure the BaZi Chart reader must follow. There're proper steps you need to follow before you can start interpreting a BaZi chart. 

What do I mean by proper steps? 

In a typical BaZi chart reading using the technical method, the practitioner would first find the strength of the day master and determine the favorable and unfavorable elements. Once the condition of the five elements are identified, the practitioner will put the five elements into proper perspective. The five element is then classified as Ten Gods. From these Ten Gods, the practitioner is then able to interpret the BaZi charts. 

What this means is regardless of any types of charts, the way to read a BaZi chart always remains the same. The process will be the same. The steps will also be the same. Once you received a chart, Find the strength of Day Master, identify the favorable and unfavorable elements then interpret the charts. 

This way, a chart is only specific to a person. It is a very standard, Step-by-step way of reading. We cannot use another person's chart to read unless we're using the divination method. 

This method of reading is commonly used by beginners. It helps beginners to get a feel of BaZi reading, to explore and familiarize themselves with BaZi chart reading.

With divination method, you have lots of flexibility, what you read is what the answer will be. You can use any chart as long as you know what you are looking for. A technical method, however, is more of a systematic approach in BaZi chart reading. You follow a standard set of procedure.

Here’s my personal opinion about reading a BaZi chart using the technical method. Reading a BaZi chart is unlike reading a science paper. Science will always have a logic behind it and it’s proven to be consistent. Whatever equation you used the outcome or result will always be the same.

BaZi, on the other hand, although it has its own set of formulas, the outcome is always subject to interpretation. A one plus one may not be exactly equals to two but it is what the two represents. And because a two can represent a variety of things, the question asks has to be very specific.

For a practitioner who is able to tell you the exact sequences of events in the past or the future, without you saying anything, there’s a high chance the practitioner has a special gift. They are able to see things ordinary people can’t see. It’s something not many practitioner is willing to reveal.

However, this doesn’t mean you cannot read a BaZi chart if you’re not gifted. You just need to use the question, apply the principles of chart reading, and let the chart reveal the answers to you. How you interpret the chat will depend very much on your life experiences and if you have a mindset of a counselor.

Using the technical method is easier for beginners because it provides a structure, a system to follow and to decode the chart using the question as a clue to read from the chart. Otherwise, you’ll read nothing from the chart. It’ll stare right back at you. ?

So, build a strong foundation on the basic fundamentals, practice reading as many charts as possible, verify your readings with people whose chart you read and build your case study from there. You’ll find your chart reading skills improve from thereon. 

Let me know what you think about your chart reading experiences. Is it something for you or not? Share it and give me your comments below. 

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