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Strength of Day Master for Different Purpose

Hello everybody, thank you for dropping by and thanks for clicking on this blog post. Today we’re gonna be talking about strength of day master, the kind of strength of Day Master that is used for different purpose. I know there are a lot of confusion out there in the market today and I hope to be able to clear some of the confusion for you.

Just the other day somebody wrote to me and told me that you don’t really need to know the strength of the day master to read a Bazi chart. I agree and disagree at the same time. It all depends on what you are actually reading. I’ll elaborate a little bit more shortly.

Do you know there are two types of strength of day master? Even though they are called the same strength of day master, the way we derive the strength of day master is very different and the usage is also different. Continue reading to find out about the two strength of Day Masters.

What is a Day Master?

The heavenly stems of the day pillar is what we call the day master. This is the day that governs the natal chart and it provides the reference point for us to read all we want to know about the person that is related to the BaZi chart. This Day Master is represented by a single element of either water, wood, fire, earth or metal.

What is the Goal?

As the natal chart consists of various numbers of elements, they are either too many of them or too little of them in support of the day master. 

Each one of our Bazi chart is always not balanced. it can never balance on its own in the natal chart. The bazi chart is always either strong or weak. 

You may have also heard about a follower chart or a vibrant chart. This special chart essentially talks about when the chart is overly strong or overly weak.

True to our Chinese philosophy, it has been always about balance. Whenever we find something that is strong, we try to counter balance it by making it weaker and when something is weak, we try to do something to make it stronger.

At the end of the day, what we want to try to achieve is to make it balance, which is neither weak nor strong. It is by achieving this balance we are then able to conduct our daily life smoothly, minimize obstacles and prevents hiccups to our success. It is from knowing the weak and strong of our day master, that we are able to read the BaZi chart of a person.

What is the strength of the day master?

The day and the hour that you were born is what determines the BaZi Natal chart. After we calculated and determined the strength of the Day Master, we will know if it is strong or weak. This is the so-called “Early Heaven” part of the natal chart. This means it’s what you have been given in life, your starting point in this world.

Let’s just say your chart is a strong chart. What we need to do now is to counter balance it by finding elements that will weaken the strong chart. These elements that brings balance to a strong chart is what we call favorable elements. These favorable elements can tell you lots of things. It can tell you about your talents, your relationships, your character and so on.

This is one of the important key points of why we want to know the strength of Day Master. 

Why the Confusion?

Earlier on, I mention that there are some people who disagreed with me, telling me there’s no need to learn about the strength of day master. and I also said that I agree and disagree at the same time. It really depends on what you are reading and what METHOD you are using to read a bazi chart.

There are many different ways and methods being taught out there. Different teacher teaches different things and different ways and different methods of reading the chart. If you’re using the divination method, which is all well and good, you don’t really need to know the strength of the day Master. you just open up a chart and you can start reading. whatever questions that you have, you read from the chart, and it will tell you the story. If you do not doubt the results, you will get the right answer. That’s the beauty of Divination. 

What we are doing here, is we are teaching you a technical method of reading a BaZi chart, meaning you have to follow some steps and know the formula to read a chart. These steps will give you some consistency when you read a chart.  

It’s true there’s a method of reading where you don’t need to know the strength of day master. This method is  using what we call the divination technique. if somebody ask you a question, you can simply observe a movement and you read from your environment to find the answer. you look around you for an answer and that answer usually is correct 100%. 

Using divination, you don’t need to know the strength of Day Master. So, you must know what technique you are using and know how to applying. 

The two types of Strength of Day Master

In the beginning of this video, I also pose a question to you. Do you know that even though we talk about  the same strength of the day master, there are two types of day masters that you need to know. We are saying the same thing about the strength of the day master but how we derive the strength of the day master and how to use each one of them is very different.

The first type of day master is derive from the season and the second type of day master is derived from the strength of element, the total number of elements that supports the day master on the heavenly stems and the earthly branches.

The first type that is derived from the season is basically talking about the support from the Jie Qi and the 12 growth phases. This method of deriving the strength of the day master is normally used to find useful God, the capacity and opportunities of the natal chart plus event reading.

The second method of finding out the strength of day master that is derive from the element and the total number of elements that is found in the chart, uses the season that is found in the month earthly branch and the support from the heavenly stems and earthly branches. This strength of Day master is used to analyze the personality, the talents and the relationship of the person.

The strength of Day master course that you learn from our website is for the second method. It is used to help us understand ourselves better, know our own strength and what we are good at and focus on what we do best. It is to help us limit our time spend on unnecessary tasks that do not help in our goal.

It is important that you know the differences between the two and know how to use it in any circumstances that you are in. And they may be called the same thing that is the strength of day master but it’s usage, how you apply it are very different. please keep this in mind.


Know that even though we mentioned the strength of day master, it’s meaning, the references and how it’s being used can be different. One is based on season and the other is based on the elements in the chart. The support that comes from the heavenly stems, earthly branches and the month branch determines the strength.

If there is one key point you need to take away from reading this blog post, it is this. Understand the two strength of Day Masters, it’s purpose and when it is used. Let me know if you have any questions on this.

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