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How does Destiny Analysis help you?

You can forget about fortune telling. Forget about getting rich quick. It’s not about praying to some Heavenly powers and asking for fortune to be given to you. You’d be surprised to find there’re still people who view this subject like some get-rich scheme. Unfortunately, it’s not any scheme and we need to get that right. 

Destiny analysis is about knowing yourself, understanding yourself and taking actions to improve yourself.  It’s about getting to know your strength, your weakness, and what you can do about it, to improve your situation. 

There are two parts of destiny analysis using BaZi charts. One part is about the discovery of yourself, your character, personality and relationships with others. It contains information about your capacity in life such as abundance or the lack of it. 

The second part is related to luck. The term luck here is not a direct relation to the term “lucky” but it’s more about a certain timing when things happened. Things happened that goes against you and things that happened that supports you. 

When things fall into place nicely, you get complimented and you’re said to be lucky.  If not, it’s unlucky. Events and incidents all happened in what I call the luck cycle. 

Destiny analysis is a tool that gives you the perspective of that timing and cycle. What this means is, it gives you an idea of when a timing is good and when it’s not good to do an important activity. It tells you of the window of opportunity.

Have you ever experience a time when sometimes no matter what you do, somehow things just doesn’t go your way. And, at some other time, things happen just so naturally. This is the kind of timing that a detailed destiny analysis is able to convey to you. You want to know the right time, to do the right thing, so as to maximize the potential outcome. 

As you can see, destiny analysis is more than fortune telling. In fact, it’s totally wrong to even link fortune telling to destiny analysis. 

Learning how to analyze a BaZi chart is a good way to get to know about yourself, your family and your friends. You get to know people around you better, you understand them better and hence, you build better relationships with each other.

If you’re in business or you work as an employee, destiny analysis helps you in your decision making. It allows you to work in an area where you’re really good at. When you enjoy your work, you won’t even feel you’re working at all. This is how destiny analysis can help you to be a better person and help you achieve your dreams the natural way. 

These are just some examples of how destiny analysis is able to help you succeed in life.

Give me your comments below and let me know what you think destiny analysis is all about, to you. 

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