Strength of Day Master is important in BaZi Reading. Here's why...

Strength of Day Master is Important. Here’s why….

Sometimes you’d hear some Masters say the Strength of Day Master is not needed. You don’t need the Strength of Day Master to read a chart.

Well to certain extent, yes, it’s true. But you need to understand when it’s needed and when you don’t need it. 

Destiny analysis using BaZi is basically a metaphysical science. Most of the readings done are divination by nature. 

A question is asked and then, you read what the environment tells you. That’s divination.

So, if you’re using divination techniques to read, then most likely you don’t need to know the Strength of Day Master, because you don’t need them. You just read them as it is. 

Divination is good for one-off reading. But if you are doing an in-depth analysis of a chart, you cannot rely on divination alone. You need a system, a set of systematic approach to analyse the chart. 

When you study BaZi, you’ll learned that all natal charts are unbalanced. This is why you learn the strength of Day Master to find out which side of the balance the chart is in.

The original side of your chart is usually your weakness. By knowing the strength of your Day Master, you can then balanced the chart to bring stability. They are your strength. And when you know your strength, you can take action to bring positive influence to yourself and those around you. 

After knowing your strength of Day Master, you can consistently apply the same principle in your chart reading and you don’t have to rely on divination. 

The strength of Day Master gives you an indication of what your weak point is. Your weak point could be, you tend to be too outspoken, too spendthrift or too dominant.

These are characters you can read from your natal chart. They are the characteristics you want to identify and then, with that knowledge, find ways to tone down your negative aspects of your character and emphasize more on your positive character. 

You can only do this if you know your strength of your Day Master. This is why the strength of Day Master is so important.

We have an online BaZi course on finding your strength of Day Master. We teach you the basic fundamentals and shows you formulas and calculation to derive the strength of Day Master. 

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